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Kévin Gourjau

Senior Software Developer

Full stack developer, looking for freelance missions. Skills: management, recruitment, Python, Javascript, CSS, React, Angular, Ember, SQL Server, MongoDB, Virtual Machines, Jenkins, Docker. Able to develop web services and APIs from backend to front end/deployment on servers or cloud.

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Credit Agricole Cib– Trader Intern


Develop a repo pricer: aggregation of multiple sources of data (ION Trading platform, text recognition to capture quotes from Bloomberg and emails, parsing Datamarker website), curve fitting to price trades on short term maturities (up to 2 years) Develop a swap/rates pricer to identify arbitrage opportunities on multi-currency repo trades Full automatization of the P&L and sales reporting

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Trading Central– Quantitative Analyst

TRADING CENTRAL– Quantitative Analyst

Market analysis and development of long investments strategies based on stocks and bonds for retail customers, with multiple risk profiles Back testing, tests of significance (econometrics) and reporting of several measures (returns, Sharpe ratio, max drawdown)

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Credit Agricole Cib– Trader


Market maker on government bonds securities (1 billion per day) Market maker on corporate bonds securities (100 million per day)

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Societe Generale Cib – Software Engineer

SOCIETE GENERALE CIB –  Software Engineer

Analyzed users’ needs and requirements, value-added analysis of the project versus time to completion Decided bests solutions to complete projects, defined specifications and delegated staff to team members Developed rapid applications using Python/Flask /React/Bootstrap and deployed on Virtual Machines or Docker/Jenkins Main projects: Optimized cost of hedge (10M savings), back-tested proprietary trading strategies, developed a tool to report restrictions on trades to traders and ECB


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